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    Default Slideshow does not appears on WordPress page

    Hello everyone!

    I would be very grateful in to count with your help.

    I created a slideshow in Xara Designer Pro X, and tried to insert it on a WordPress page:


    But, nothing appears there. I have uploaded all the files generated by the software, when I exported the .html file (files and folder), to my "public_html" folder (the same folder where WP is). But, I can't make the slideshow to appears on the page.

    Also, when previewing the slideshow inside Designer Pro, I noticed something strange: the images I inserted does not appears.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Default Re: Slideshow does not appears on WordPress page

    Did you publish as index.htm to the public_html folder on the host?
    How have you added it to WP? It is not clear what you are doing.
    The URL above is not the public_html path.



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