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    Bug PDF export bug (or maybe not, depending who you ask...)

    Dear Xara,

    Recently, I found that Adobe Illustrator Cs5 and
    Adobe Reader X put extras clipping masks around
    many graphics of my PDF files exported from Xara.

    Look at this screenshot:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Then, I posted this issue in many threads, on this
    Talkgraphics forum, Planet PDF and Adobe.

    You could read here these messages:

    Please, download the attachments and check if you could
    verify the origin of this bug.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: PDF export bug (or maybe not, depending who you ask...)

    How is this an Xara bug?


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    Default Re: PDF export bug (or maybe not, depending who you ask...)

    I would agree with Mike here and what has been written in the Illy forum is that if you have this problem and that you have CS4/5 then all you have to do is to remove the masks and re-save easy. Also if you use PDF/X-a or X-3 in the Advance tab under the export filter in D Pro you will produce a more reliable PDF. The problem which may happen after that is you might increase the number of clipping masks but if you have any copies of illy that will be solved on the re-save once you have deleted the unnecessary clipping masks. Hope that makes sense to you. You cant expect that a file made in one programme will be able to be edited exactly in the same way in another as they all have different ways of rendering this even happens when I try to open a file which has been made in CS 5 when I have only CS 3.
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    Default Re: PDF export bug (or maybe not, depending who you ask...)

    And...PDF was not and is not ever meant to be an editable format. Adobe only has ever intended it to be a "final and fixed form." That Xara, Illy and some other applications can open a PDF for editing is besides the point. A PDF is only meant for an end "thing."

    Take care, Mike

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    Default Re: PDF export bug (or maybe not, depending who you ask...)

    I used to have the same problem when exporting to PDF, but oddly enough, it only came up when viewing in Adobe Reader. If I opened the PDF in Foxit Reader, no problem. Lately, I've had Acrobat Pro installed, so PDFs automatically open up in that, and the problem has not resurfaced.

    This is all well and fine for when I'm viewing or printing PDFs on my own, but when a PDF is meant for public consumption, these things have to be looked out for. And it's not cut and dry that this is an Adobe Reader problem and not a Xara problem, because the content (the PDF file) is being generated by a Xara product, and something about the way it places certain objects in a PDF file is not liked by Adobe Reader (I would be quicker to blame Adobe Reader if it were not the product of the company that defines the PDf standard in the first place). In my experience, the problem seemed to be limited to certain types of objects (namely elipses/circles), but as we can see from the above screenshot, this is not always the case.

    -- Ben
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