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    Default Celebrated Burgeon Ornaments TG

    Celebrated Burgeon Ornaments TG is a symbol font containing beautiful ornamental stamps hand traced by volunteers from our TG typography group. These stamps are from a catalogue of stamps once used on pottery, glass and china. The Celebrated Burgeon Stamp Collection catalogue is approximately 100 years old.

    The volunteers who worked to create this font, in no particular order are Barbara Bouton (Barbara B) USA, Frances Proctor (angelize) Canada, Christine Farelly England, Gary David Bouton (Gare) USA, Bill Taylor (soquili) USA, Larry Leiker (wizard509) USA, Mike W (mwenz) USA, Michelle Mowat (Purrfeck) Australia

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	burgeon_examples.jpg 
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    Celebrated Burgeon Ornaments TG.ZIP

    File hashs: The CRC32: C1B32FCA
    MD5: 6AF9A83E8CE8FA46A4B574E9E190A077
    SHA-1: 3245BE10A9698541BEC0A17A99407E6155267FAA

    See also a demonstration video of how to use the Celebrated Burgeon Ornaments TG font to create a lovely certificate.

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    Default Re: Celebrated Burgeon Ornaments

    You all can take great pride in what you have created, well, er.., recreated. Very well done!

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    Default Re: Celebrated Burgeon Ornaments

    Thanks for the video, I enjoyed it. I just had one question. why did you rotate the corners by 47 degrees instead of 45?
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    Default Re: Celebrated Burgeon Ornaments TG

    Hi Francis, congrats. to all the team for such great work and thank you for the vid. it was very good. I completed the certificate and now I hold a Batchelor of Science Degree, Bsc.


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    Default Re: Celebrated Burgeon Ornaments TG

    Very Nice Angelize! -Hwy101
    Tom - Hwy101




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