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    Default ungrouping layers in P&G Designer 7

    I have just upgraded to P&G Designer7 from Xara Xtreme 3.
    I had problems ungrouping layers.
    Maybe others have experienced the same difficulty.
    So here is a partial solution.

    Grouping layers is easy, of course.
    Shortcut CTRL+G, moves all parts to just one layer.

    Ungrouping is not so easy.
    CTRL+U does NOT revert things to your previous multiple layers.
    If you've saved saved your file, next time you have to tediously re-create all your previous layers from scratch.
    CTRL+Z does revert to multiple layers, just as long as you haven't already saved the document.

    You experts out there, if there is another easy solution, please let me know.


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    Default Re: ungrouping layers in P&G Designer 7

    You may have to select grouped instances and then Ungroup all rather than ungroup..if the group contains multiple groups.
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    Default Re: ungrouping layers in P&G Designer 7

    Grouping does not preserve layers - everything moves to one layer by design.

    Soft grouping however does preserve layers. Keypress is Ctrl+Alt+G and Ctrl+Alt+U (from memory!?!)



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