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    Default Help! Cannot add new page numbers in Web Designer 6

    I've used web Designer 6 for quite awhile with no problem. However, I just created a site for the first time that I add more pages to than on the design template I used.

    I created sub-menus to accommodate the additional pages.

    Here's the weird thing: The top navigation bar has 8 buttons.

    Buttons 2, 4 and 6 have sub-menus. The page numbering works just fine for the pages accessed by Button 1, 2, 3 and 4. Button 2 has 6 pages in its sub-menu. So the page numbers assigned to these pages are 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. When I clicked on the top nav bar to assign page numbers to the Page under Button 3, the system assigned "page 8 copy". For the page under Button 4, it assigned "page 8 copy, copy". For the 3 pages of the sub-menu under "Button 4", the system assigned "page 8, copy, copy, copy", "page 8 copy, copy, copy, copy" and "page 8 copy, copy, copy, copy, copy". It seems to then have run out of page numbers as the scroll-down box for assigning pages only shows Page 1, Page 2-8, and all the age 8s with "copy" after it in various numbers.

    So I cannot assign a page number to any page after those on the sub-menu under Button 4. The system will also not permit me to rename all the pages that are labeled "8 copy (etc.)".

    The sub-menus do show up on the top button bar but just do not link to the appropriate pages with appropriate page numbers.

    A related problem is one I am encountering now and have encountered before.

    When using a template with only the number of pages on the original button bar, the linking and page numbering worked fine. Then I export and launch my site. So far so good. Every page and button links as it should. However, if you continue to click on the navigation buttons, the assigned page links do not stay constant. You might click on Page 2 but Page 4 displays and so on.

    I am pulling my hair out. Help!!

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    Default Re: Help! Cannot add new page numbers in Web Designer 6

    Hi Mimiy2k, Welcome to TG

    The page numbers listed in the navbar are assigned automatically according to their position in the gallery. If a page is moved up or down in the list its number will be updated. I think your confusion arises because you are naming your pages page1,page2,page3 etc. If you have named a page "page 3" and it is the second in the list it will be identified in the navbar properties as "Page: 2".

    Make sure that all your pages have been named. They will then appear in the navbar properties between brackets. e.g. Page: 11 (page 99)



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