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    Default ILT: Type Terminology Essay

    one of my favorite web sites is I Love Typography. in perusing some older entries, I ran across one on terminology that goes beyond simple dictionary entries.


    also while there, i happened upon his open office document he uses when designing typefaces to quickly look for letter pair kerning issues. in the zip, there is an odt, docx, and doc. you can simply highlight all the text and change the font you are designing, or, better yet, alter the paragraph style and save as your font's name so you can more quickly review pairs after working on kerning.

    take care, mike
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    Default Re: ILT: Type Terminology Essay

    Thanks Mike. Excellent link and recommend.

    Typography is such a forgotten art.

    In my advertising days, there were actual typesetters who were often trained in the European method of apprentice then master typesetter. They worked with movable metal characters and hot type before there was computer generated cold type. I often wonder what became of these skilled craftsmen. Or the engravers, color separators, or the dye transfer and type C print makers, or the photo and negative retouchers or any of the other skilled craftsmen that were so vital to the industry.
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