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    Default Re: Pages Jump When Navigating

    I have taken a look at Monica's WD7P file. After exporting the site and placing it on my two local web servers, one Windows and one Linux and viewing the pages with multiple browsers it seems the ecwid shopping bag is the code causing the pages to jiggle on first load.

    Using the Opera browser the ecwid logo is seen to the left of the page as it moves to the left. A fraction of a second later when the logo disappears the page moves back to the right. Looking at the pages that jiggle there is code for the shopping bag or code to add to the shopping bag. Pages without that code do not jiggle on first viewing.
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    Default Re: Pages Jump When Navigating

    Hi Monica,

    I had the same 'jumping', but I found out out that if I change the renewal frequency of the pages in IE, from every visit to a lower frequency, the jumping is gone. Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Pages Jump When Navigating

    Thank you to everyone for your comments and suggestions. If Ecwid is the culprit then it makes sense that a form widget on a "request a quote" or "contact us" page would create the same problem. It seems that although a culprit has been found that there is no solution. Maybe this can be fixed in the next Web Designer version?

    Inge, I assume that each visitor has control of their renewal frequency and is not something that I can influence. Correct?



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