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    WD6 XARA build website sometimes not working on a browser


    We have build a website with Xara webdesigner premium 7. Now the site is ready, but on some systems (win7, IE9, same hardware) it will open, on other systems only the mainpage opens and the website gets in a hang. The website is at

    We have no idea what is wrong. I asked the provider as well. He tested the site on IE9 and FireFox and yes this time it hangs on firefox.

    If anyone has an idea please send me a mail at xandobart@gmail.com.

    Kind regards

    G&K Schilderwerken

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    Default Re: XARA build website sometimes not working on a browser


    Your site works fine for me in all my browsers--IE9, FF, Safari, Opera and Chrome. Tried a few separate times with each browser. Transitions are slow upon first load of pages, a little faster thereafter and on future subsequent loads of each page.

    I suspect it is the host having intermittent issues. They often do not admit such things.

    Take care, Mike

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    Default Re: XARA build website sometimes not working on a browser

    Welcome to TalkGraphics

    I tried the site in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Opera and it works fine in each browser with no problems.

    I do have two suggestions. The page transitions are a little slow. I would decrease the transition time.

    If you can recreate your buttons, do a mousedown state. the layers will be mouseoff, mouseover, mousedown.

    Mousedown becomes the current page button and will distinguish between your mouseover button on the navigation bar.

    Look at the attached to see what I am suggesting.
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    Default Re: XARA build website sometimes not working on a browser

    Tried it in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE and the sometimes troublesome Opera and all work fine so as has been suggested it might be a hosting issue. I agree with Gary about the transition time. By the way the site is really nice.
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