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    Default What is a Font Play and How Do I Play Too

    What is a Font Play?

    A Font Play is a graphic design or layout that is designed to showcase the use of a font. It doesn't necessarily use all the characters like a type specimen sheet would - just what the artist/designer was an exemplary use of matching a font to a message or context. And on occasion, the examples are bad examples or tongue-in-cheek - a VAT tax or American Income tax form set in Rothenburg Decorative or an obituary posted using JANDA Love And Rain

    Some Examples of Font Plays

    Here’s an example of a font play that Gary Bouton created, using Nick Curtis's Creampuff font. One of the characteristics of this font is that it nice results when enveloped in Xara; it still maintains a lot of its character and legibility.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	creampuff font play.jpg 
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ID:	88078

    Another example of a font play. This font play was created by TG member Big Frank to show off a font he created, After Stalin Poster. This font was the February 2012 Xara Xone Giveaway of the Month.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	after-stalin-poster-font-play.jpg 
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ID:	88077

    How Can I Font Play Too

    On the first Friday of each month we will pick a free font and make a new thread to invite the TG community to make and share a font play using the selected font in a creative way that really showcases showcases the font. You can use whatever programs you like to create your Font Play. Please stay away from religion and politics, and have fun!

    Let the fun begin!
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