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    Historical (Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Blackletter, Retro)
    -Davinci Caps by Gary Bouton
    -Roundhead TG by TG Fonts & Typography Group

    Ding Bat and picture fonts
    -Bouton Bookends by Gary Bouton
    -Bouton Web Knobs by Gary Bouton
    -Sympols by Gary Bouton
    -Celebrated Burgeon Ornaments by TG fonts & Typography group
    -Classic Dividers Pi reworked by Gary Bouton

    Headlines (Sans serif, Stencil)
    -Celexa open type copy by Gary Bouton

    Body text
    -Koffee TG reworked by TG Fonts & Typography group


    Hand (Script, comic strip, cursive, calligraphic)
    -AngelScript by Frances Proctor
    -Bouton's cursive handwriting by Gary Bouton

    Special Occasion

    -Bouton SysFont by Gary Bouton
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