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    Default Newbie question: Painter brush jumping

    Hi everyone. I just downloaded the trial version of Painter 12 and am having trouble with it. The biggest issue is that the brushes skip. Meaning, I'll be drawing and the paint application will lag behind the brush, then halt, then jump forward. It makes it impossible to be precise because I can't tell where the paint is actually going to end. It's also very noticeable in the mixer pad. For example, if you swirl the paint in a circle in the mixer pad, it comes out looking like a hexagon because the brush is halting and then jumping to the new position.

    It happens regardless of pressure and speed of the stylus, with every brush I've tried. I'm using an Intuos4 tablet and a brand new computer which should have plenty of oomph to handle this program. It has no trouble with any of the Adobe family of programs, and the tablet is fine everywhere but in Painter. This issue also occurs on my other (older) computer, and is the main reason I'm running the trial right now, because I wanted to see if this issue appeared with the new computer too.

    I'm really hoping this is something simple and obvious that I'm missing. A setting maybe? I've tried fussing with the performance settings in Painter and it didn't seem to help.

    Any advice would be great! Thanks!!!

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    Default Re: Newbie question: Painter brush jumping

    things to check:

    menu edit > preferences > brush tracking

    pay attention to the size of your canvas, its resolution, and the size and other settings of the brush, it's easy to eat up memory with painter

    it could be your graphics, although on a brand new computer you should have a reasonable graphics card, check the graphics drivers are up to date...
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    Default Re: Newbie question: Painter brush jumping

    Since Painter 12 has been launched at SP1 and a hotfix has been released. Go to the Corel website and look for updates and patches. you will find them there.




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