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    Default About the fonts and typography forum

    Welcome to the Fonts and Typography Forum!

    This is the place to discuss all matters related to fonts and typography. This forum also contains two new TG services: Font First Aid and Name that font! each in their own subforum and a gallery of free fonts that are either donated by members who created them or are free fonts that have been fixed up in the Font First aid service with permission from the authors and have posted in our free fonts forum.

    Attaching screen caps and artwork containing font specimens or examples to your posts is permitted, attaching the actual fonts to a post is not permitted. Any font files attached to posts will be deleted. Fonts are copyright protected items and usually can not be freely shared. Additionally the purpose of this forum is to learn about fonts, not serve as a distribution point for fonts. If you've created a font yourself or own the copyright to a font (not just a license)and want to share it with the TG community please submit it to the moderated TG forum, Free & Fixed Fonts Gallery.

    We welcome posts about typography, such as what is kerning, when do I use a thin space, and what isyou hanging punctuation? But if you have a question that is specific to your software, such as where are the kerning controls in Xara Designer, those questions should be asked in the appropriate Xara or other software forum.
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