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    Default workspace question for painter x

    In class the other night I saw my teacher use a box of brushes that she selected from the regular brush selector for quicker access, and now I can't find any such option on my seemingly identical version of painter. I've looked all over, I even tried (and failed at) creating a brush library. It was so simple and perfect, though, just a box with a bunch of icons in it... if anyone knows what I'm talking about, please help!

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    Default Re: workspace question for painter x

    Hi welcome

    click on one of the brush variants you want and drag out onto the empty workspace - it will create a new custom palette box with this brush in it - you can then drag the other brushes you need onto the box as well

    you will find these custom palettes listed in menu window > custom palette, where there is also an organiser which lets you rename etc...

    this applies to my painter IX.5 - AFAIK it is similar for later versions...
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