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    Default arbitrary behaviour of Pro X3

    i am using Paintshop Pro X3 for cropping scanned letters. I have a problem with what I experience as quite arbitrary behaviour of the program, or at least I am not able to find out how it works. Here are two problems

    (1) Disappearing of "fit image to window icon". When I open a picture file in Paintshop (by clicking on it) I usually have a "fit image to window icon" up in the toolbar. After clicking the "crop tool icon" the toolbar, however, changes, and I can no longer see the "fit image to window icon". So, when I open a new file, I don't have it available. Only way to reinstore it seems to be to close Paintshop, and reopen it.

    (2) is there anyway of getting the fitting of images to the window to work automatically, when I open a file. Sometimes I seem to be able to do it, sometimes not - I simply don't see the difference between what I am doing.

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    Default Re: arbitrary behaviour of Pro X3

    Have you installed all the updates/patches?

    I never installed X3, so can't replicate your problem.





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