hello everyone, while i work in flash some problems occur which i dont find any explanation to, so that's why i dont know how to solve them.
For instance:
1. i want to make an object turn 360 degrees, i made the frames and set the classic twins ( by the way for me the motion tween has no effect so i use classic twin). But between the last frames, the motion tween suddenly makes the element grow in dimension instead of turning.
The frames look okey( normal dimension), i dont know why the tween would connect them like that.
2. Another question is, how can i erase parts of an element already converted into a symbol? I broke it apart thinking it would work but still it didnt.
3. Is it possible to make some frames have different speed than the frames from another layer? Or the speed of 24fps is availabe for the whole movie.
4. How can I adjust to the same dimension elements from different frames so that the movement would be smooth? I noticed that the free transform tool in flash doesnt go that smoothly as in photoshop and it doesnt manage to set the object to the perfect dimension.
5. Does flash has an option like blur tool?
I prefer drawing in photoshop and importing them in flash but it's pretty difficult when it comes to correcting things.
I would be very grateful if you can help me, I got crazy the last couple of days trying to figure it out. Thank you all!