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    Smile Farewell But Not Goodbye

    A little over 15 years ago, Chris Dickman and Arlen Bartch created the Xara Xone as part of their graphics website i-us.com and asked me to be the host. A few years later when i-us.com was sold, Xara Group Ltd., agreed to sponsor and host the Xara Xone on their servers and have done so ever since. Kate, Charles and the rest of the crew at Xara have been absolutely brilliant to work with.

    The "Xone" has provided myself and others a chance to create tutorials and provide resources, such as the Shareware section, the Links page, and Tips and Tricks for the Xara community. Creating monthly tutorials and content over the last 15 years, has given me the opportunity to share some of the things I have learned about this fabulous product we affectionately call Xara.

    It is with a mixed amount of sadness and elation that I am retiring from the Xara Xone. I will miss the creative challenge of providing timely and challenging content each month, but I am happily looking forward to spending a few less hours a day glued to my computer screen.

    Over the years I have had the opportunity to meet (virtually) many members of the extremely talented and loyal community of Xara users. I have enjoyed getting to know users from all points of the globe and seeing fumbling new users progress into talented, experienced users. And I have been extremely proud to showcase Xara-created artwork that I sincerely believe is as good as any found in the professional graphics business.

    I plan to stick around TalkGraphics as a moderator and to try to help users when I can. And I will of course, continue to show off my latest stereograms in the TG Xara Gallery forum.

    While you will not see this Gary around the Xara Xone after 31 December, you will see my old friend, the Other Gary, Gary Bouton. Gary has generously offered to take over the hosting and content creation duties and I am excited to see what fun and excellent things he comes up with. I leave the Xara Xone in good and creative hands.

    It's been a fun 15 years!
    Gary W. Priester
    Mr. Moderator Emeritus Dude
    , Sir

    gwpriester.com | Custom-Stereograms.com | eyeTricks on Facebook

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    Default Re: Farewell But Not Goodbye

    At least you're still going to be around here Gary! Thanks for sharing your expertise with us for all those years
    JOHN -XaReg (FB) XaReg (DB - ignore prompt to register)
    Windows 10 [Anniversary] pro Intel Pentium CPU G630 @ 2.70Ghz RAM: 4 GB; 64-bit x64

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    Default Re: Farewell But Not Goodbye

    I'd just like to thank you for your warmth, humour and creativity over the years in the Xone.

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    Default Re: Farewell But Not Goodbye

    Thanks Gary for tutorials you posted on XX they really put me on my way. Glad to hear you will still be around TG and look forward to seeing some more of your creations.

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    Default Re: Farewell But Not Goodbye

    It was certainly a pleasure and a privilege to host Gary's Xara Xone back in the i/us days and I was delighted to see this iniative not only continue but prosper in subsequent years. I have no doubt Gary Bouton will continue in the same vein. Hats off to Xara and all those who use and promote such a great graphics app.

    Chris Dickman

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    Default Re: Farewell But Not Goodbye

    Many thanks for your inspirational work in the Xone, Gary. Am relieved to read you'll still be here at TG. I of course have no evidence for this, but I like to think I'm speaking on behalf of the merry band of semi-lurkers who only post here occasionally but who nevertheless find both the Xone and TG wonderful resources.


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    Default Re: Farewell But Not Goodbye

    Thanks for being such an inspiration over the years Gary (1), enjoy your time away from the computer.
    Welcome to Gary(2), thanks for stepping in (love your Xara book!)

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    Default Re: Farewell But Not Goodbye

    Hi Gary,
    I hope you enjoy the freedom that you so much deserve! I have followed you since i-us which I was a subscriber for many years, and visited Xara one numerously looking for ideas and tips.
    I wish you well in your new explorations.
    Intel i7-2600 processor 3.4GH, Windows 10 64Bit, 12GB Memory, Geforce 960 2Gb graphics card

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    Default Re: Farewell But Not Goodbye

    What? Xaraxone w/o gary priester?

    This is crazy news to me! Good luck in your other endeavors Gary and thanks for still hanging around!
    Now you should probably spend the next month reformatting all of your tutorials into a book and sell it on amazon
    Ron Cavagnaro

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    Default Re: Farewell But Not Goodbye

    It's all been said in previous post just like to say a big Thanks!!!!!!!
    You can take a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead!




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