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    Default Flash option does not work / is disabled

    Please i need some help:

    I have Xara Designer pro 7
    but, the FILE /preview flash/ and /export animation/ options are disabled or just don't work.
    Anyone knows the reason?

    Also the option: UTILITIES / Animation / (all the options here) are disable or just don't work.

    Whenever i try to insert any gif or change a flash sample just don't let me do it.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Flash option does not work / is disabled

    XDP7 is not a flash editor. Only a creator. Best to press SHIFT+CTRL+N to start a new animation document, then create your animation. Animated gifs should import but not Flash afaik
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    Default Re: Flash option does not work / is disabled

    What neodeist said is correct, the preview and export animation will be grayed out until you create an animation. You cannot import a swf but you can import an animated gif.
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