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    Default Error Code: -6 after install of Xara Designer Pro 7

    It took me a while to overcome the problem of "Error Code: -6" after sucessfull install of Xara Designer Pro 7.

    This are the steps Iīve learned to sucessfully bypass the problem:

    The problem occured after selecting any startup option at the Magix startup screen ( in my case: German version 7.1.2.xxx).

    Deinstall of Xara Designer Pro 7
    Run mxclean.exe.exe which I have found somewhere at support.magix.com
    Start Xara Designer Pro 7 Installer
    After selecting language and accepting Licence before the installation starts, I disabled my network connection.
    Thatīs the importent step!

    Finally it worked - no more Error Code -6

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    Default Re: Error Code: -6 after install of Xara Designer Pro 7

    Welcome to TalkGraphics

    I have never heard of Error Code 6 but this sounds like excellent advice.

    Has anyone else had this problem?
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    Default Re: Error Code: -6 after install of Xara Designer Pro 7

    same error code, but different circumstances I think:

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