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    Unhappy Eraser Tool - PSP x3

    Hi All

    I wonder if anyone can possibly help with what i believ is a very simply problem to an experienced user but not to myself!

    I have recently been using the eraser tool to retrive the original colours from a picture converted to b&w.

    Since creating a watermark (whick may be just a coincedence) I am no longer able to retrive colours???? When using the eraser tool i just get the black & grey layer and no colour?

    I guess this is a simple problem to resolve but desperately need your help as i'm not sure if i've amended the standard settings when following an on line tutorial to generate a watermark.

    Hope someone can advise! Many thanks

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    Default Re: Eraser Tool - PSP x3

    I am not too sure how you can use the Eraser to retrieve colours from a B&W image.
    I think what you might have done is to have the original image on it's own layer, then duplicated that layer in the Layers Palette and converted that to black & white by either Desaturating in H/S/L Hue Saturation Lightness, or used an Adjustment Layer and the Channel Mixer.

    I prefer to use the Desaturation method, adjusting the Saturation to 0.
    Then I erase the parts of the B&W image that I want to see in colour, showing the original layer.
    Use a Eraser Brush on, say 75% Opacity and set the Hardness to 0.

    This is the easiest way to 'retrieve' the colours.





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