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    Default Moving a LOT of Microsoft FrontPage text pages to Xara

    I'm not a very sophisticated web-designer, but I'm all for making things simple.

    I'm moving a very large web site - a listing for a private library with several hundreds of pages of text files - from FrontPage to Xara and really didn't want to have to reformat everything.

    After some experimenting, I discovered that there's a simple little 2-step I could do.

    Open the page you're copying either in FP or on a browser. Now, if you try to copy directly from this page, you just get unformatted text. So here comes the 2-step.

    1) Copy the page into a Word document. It will look exactly like your web page at this point.
    2) Copy the Word document to your Xara page, and now you have the option to paste with Rich Text Format. Everything comes through EXCEPT the images.

    And there it is. If you have images you want to preserve, just use the file > import link and you have those as well.

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    That is a really excellent and creative solution. Thanks.



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