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    Default layer disappears when clicked

    I have added (lock) to the layer but it still disappears when clicked. Why? I've done this before without problems so i have no idea why it's not working properly.

    Please go to http://visionariumstudios.com and click the link for BOOK TRAILERS

    you'll notice that if you click anywhere inside the display (except for the email link) the entire display closes.

    I even tried removing the closeopup circle-X i had there (and which is still on the other pages).

    Any ideas what's going wrong? I ask because I'd like to put a BUY link next to each option square but if the layer is going to disappear, maybe I can't.

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    Default Re: layer disappears when clicked

    Your pop-up layer is exported as not locked. To find a reason why, I would need to see your design file.

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    Default Re: layer disappears when clicked

    says the file is too big. not sure what I can do otherwise.



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