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    Default Create a news archive on one page?


    I'm about to create a news-archive - within that I'll have news from three-five different years. Is it possible to make one page with just i.e.:


    ^When you click on each year it will automatically drop down and show either all news from that year - or the months, which again would drop down and show all news from that specific year and month.

    If it's even possible, can it be made in Web Designer 6?

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    Default Re: Create a news archive on one page?

    You could do this using Layers.

    You will need a button to close the pop up. The following is from covoxer's undocumented features and tells how to create this button.

    10. Locking pop-ups. Similar to the locking pop-ups tweak in the WD5 tweakset. The pop-up layer which name contains "(lock)" is a locking layer. If opened with the on-click layer pop-up it will lock visible until explicitly closed. However, if initiated by on mouse over pop-up it's not locked. To close the locked pop-up layer you need a button (any object with a link) placed on this layer. The URL link of this button should be: "popup:close".
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    Default Re: Create a news archive on one page?

    If I'm reading you right, what you want to do can be done with a simple menu such as here: http://bridgeace.com/bols.htm

    Another way to do it is with a php script inside an iframe such as here: http://bridgeace.com/dailydeal.htm



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