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    Question Smooth text transition in Flash with WD6 - possible?

    This is probably a simple problem, but since I've spent a whole day on it then it's time to ask...

    Im trying to create a flash animation which fades five different pieces of text one after the other. I want the first line to appear, then fade to reveal the second line, which fades to reveal the third and so on, in the same space and then it will repeat- so the text appears where the previous line was.

    I've watched loads of tutorials of how graphics can easily be tweened with transparency. But is this even possible with text? or am I trying to do something which Xara Web Designer 6 simply isn't capable of?

    If it's not directly possible with text then is there a way around it? say importing the text along with its background as a bitmap from photoshop and layering the five together (as if they were photos) to have the smooth transitioning? (and still how do I apply the fade effect or is it automatic?)

    Also I've been getting errors about unpaired objects.

    I can get the animation to snap from one piece of text to the next, but not to transition smoothly.

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    Default Re: Smooth text transition in Flash with WD6 - possible?

    Never mind, I figured it out eventually (...13 1/2 hours after I started, that has to be some kind of record!!)

    Im sure there must be a quicker and easier way than the way Ive done it with a stack of background layers (paste in place for patterend backgrounds) each with a text line on (stacked in reverse) then deleting them in sequence with transparencies between to form each frame. But for anyone else wondering and finding themselves stuck on fading transitions for text, it's time consuming but it does work! so I'm happy. I'm sure someone will post the 'proper' way!

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    Default Re: Smooth text transition in Flash with WD6 - possible?

    It sounds no different than a slideshow that fades photos in an out, This link is to a website that does it all for you -- free! Transitions and everything - if you can upload your text as graphics.




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