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    Nevar, how did you solve a BLOG content ? It's interestinf how it works ... :-)

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    Default Re: Love the Xara software!

    Okay. Thanks Skech . . . I have finished the green/white, bigger website. Please have a look here: www.ravensinger.com
    Truthfully, I am so done with working on it for now. But if you have any suggestions, please feel free. I need to work on the music. I realized I had my mic pre-amp set to the wrong impedence, but haven't had a chance to fix the vocals on the song that was opening on the front page. I decided not to have music open with the website. I put the samples on the music store page. The new sample of "Garden of Love" has the better sounding vocals on it.
    @Dencuga: They have a widget inside 7 premium in the "other" category that has a placeholder for another website to open in (blogger). It's just like an iframe placeholder.




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