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    Default Image as Drop-Down Menu

    Hi there - in Xara 7 Web Design, is there any way to turn a simple image into a drop-down navigation menu? (instead of clicking a word category, the person would click the photo category for the menu)
    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Image as Drop-Down Menu

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    You can do this but it involves creating different layers. There was a Guest Tutorial in 2008, http://www.xaraxone.com/guest/guest80/ that covers some of the basics for this.
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    Default Re: Image as Drop-Down Menu

    Do mean something like this: http://www.parkcitypetinfo.com/ ?. Hover over the menu. This is made using layers and the method Gary refers too.


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    Default Re: Image as Drop-Down Menu

    Yes, and that's a great site - nicely navigable. I am doing a complete rebuild of http://www.***************.com and want people to be able to click on the photos at the top and have the drop down menu scroll down. Looks like I've got some learning to do - thanks to you both!
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    Default Re: Image as Drop-Down Menu

    If you just want to use different pictures for toplevel menus, with normal dropdowns, you could do it using the standard Navbar tool.
    It requires you to have a group on each layer (OuseOff/MouseOver) consisting of a text and an image/object.
    It does not require that you have the text in front, which means that you could just put the text behind the picture and group them. And then softgroup the MouseOff and MouseOver versions. Make one Navbar for each top menu, or make up to 3 pictures in one Navbar by specifying that the first and last are different.
    Like shown on the attached image, where I added a second Navbar menu item with a long text that shows up behind the menu image (which is png32 btw).

    May save you a lot of ayer fiddling...
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    That's it!!! Going to fiddle with that now.... wish me luck!



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