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    Default How to insert image in flash with no background?

    i ve an image in adobe photoshop. its tree image and dont ve background. when i try to insert it into adobe flash file it shows a white background and i dont want the image w background color. can somebody tell me the solution.


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    Default Re: How to insert image in flash with no background?

    Save the image with an alpha channel to hide the background.
    Understand? If not, search, read and learn about Alpha channels.
    Or watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsXbD...yer_detailpage
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    Default flash and jpgs

    My question is this. I have some graphic art that I have drawn and filled in with photo shop. I can save it to any format that I wish, such as jpgs. When I import this graphic to flash I would love to use the bone tool and bend the arms and legs of my graphic, but the white background gets in the way.

    Is there a way I can use the bone tool on an imported graphic, such as a jpeg, gif, or even psd.

    Thank you



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