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    Question Disable interactive page resize? (Xtreme Pro 5)

    When I click and drag practically anywhere on a page, the interactive page resize cursor ←|→ appears, and I resize the page.

    This is not what I want. Selecting groups of objects is almost impossible now.

    Any idea what is causing this strange behavior? Is it possible to completely disable interactive page resize?

    Version: Xtreme Pro on Windows XP/32

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    Default Re: Disable interactive page resize? (Xtreme Pro 5)

    I can't think why this would happen. The page resize requires you to be very close to the edge or bottom of the page.

    I have experienced this when I try to select something under a guideline.
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    Default Re: Disable interactive page resize? (Xtreme Pro 5)

    Happens even with a new document with a blank page. Even when I click and drag in the middle of the document. Only sometimes it doesn't happen. So I can work, but it's slow and painful.

    I am grateful for any suggestion! Have to get a lot of work done today with Xara. Am now trying a reinstall.

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    Default Re: Disable interactive page resize? (Xtreme Pro 5)

    Phew! Seems like the reinstall of Xara solved the problem. Let's just hope that I don't have to revise this post...



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