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    xdp6 Site Navigation Bar Problem

    I'm using Web template pages to create a Web site in Designer Pro 6. My site navigation bar appears to be updating correctly as I add pages to the site. However, when I export and preview the entire Web site, the home page navbar links work fine, but the navbar links on all the other pages link to the Xara company Web site. What am I doing wrong?

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    I should think a Ninja could sleuth this out.

    What is happening is not your fault, but Xara's. To demonstrate the template when you preview it, Xara's designers have placed an invisible rectangle behind the buttons that links to xara.com. Switch to Outline View (Window > Quality > Outlines) and find the rectangle and delete it.

    Or you can also try this. In the Page and Layer Gallery (F10) Hold down the Alt key in Designer Pro 6 and click in the center of the navigation bar twice. This will drill down to the layer under the button. If it appears that a larger area the size of the navigation bar has been selected, delete the selection and preview the page to see if this eliminates the nettlesome link to xara.com
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    Default Re: Site Navigation Bar Problem

    Thanks for your help Gary, but I don't think that was the issue. Good to know about the "quality" setting, but nothing was there as far as the link to Xara or on many of the pages anything else. On some spare pages where I was placing the new navigation bar, it was overtop of an older "nav bar" made up of linked words. I didn't think much of it at the time because they weren't in use. I then deleted the old links underneath. Still had a problem so I standardized all pages with nav bar to the same size. This helped greatly. But I discovered if I moved the position of a nav bar on one page, several pages up or down in the order were affected the same way, even though there is nothing on the page near enough to them to be of any issue. I'm more or less happy with where they are for now, although I'd prefer to do some fine tuning on a few pages. Oh well... later. Thanks for your contrib!



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