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    Default How can I create Flash Banner for my web???

    Hi there,
    I've built my site using online web builders..
    Now I want to insert a Flash Banner there...
    I've no Idea of Making Flash...
    Any helps will be appreciated...

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    Default Re: How can I create Flash Banner for my web???

    Have a look at Xara Web Designer 6. You can create Flash animations as well as your own websites. There are pre-designed templates you can use for both the web pages and the Flash objects, or you can create your own. But you will have to invest some of your time to learn how it works. Xara offers movies (videos) which you can see here http://www.xara.com/us/products/webd...torials-demos/. You can also download a fully functional 30-day trial copy of Xara Web Designer on the Xara site.




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