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    Default Does MM create fallback list-based menu for <noscript> circumstances?

    I am considering MM at the moment, but have some questions that I couldn't find answers for in FAQs or sales promotion pages.

    First, does MM produce DHTML-only versions of the menu, or does it also produce (perhaps optionally) a list-based alternative menu structure? There are platforms where javascript may be restricted or not available (principally mobile and in some corporate IT lock-down environments, and, of course, paranoid visitors ;-), and not having a menu at all in such circumstances would be undesirable.

    Second, what advantage, if any, does MM provide over the tools available in WD6, which I already own?

    Third, my client base tends to require fully-accessible sites, which is problematic when using WD6. Don't get me wrong, it produces lovely pages, but scaling text-only breaks the design badly. Consequently, I use Expression Web 4 and Dreamweaver CS4 to write standards-compliant, accessible markup. How modular is the code produced by MM? IOW, if I create a site using another tool and want to "plug in" an MM-generated menu, is it simply a matter of a few script calls and ensuring that the correct relative paths to image files are created, or what?

    Thanks for any information you can provide.

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    Default Re: Does MM create fallback list-based menu for <noscript> circumstances?

    I think the answer for you is Dreamweaver.

    Xara Web Designer 6 and the other Xara products are WYSIWYG products. They are not intended for third party editing.

    If you know Dreamweaver then I would continue to use it.

    Use Web Designer to design components for your sites which is an excellent use for ED6 and then bring the components into Dreamweaver.

    I use Designer 6 Pro for about 99% of my website design. But I do not have clients who want to or need to edit my work. Nor would I want a client who wanted to edit my work. I am funny that way.

    If your choice is between Web Designer and Menu Maker, I would go with Web Designer.
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