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    Default Xara Menu Maker 1.1 - big problem!!

    My old computer bit the dust and I purchased a new one with Win 7 Pro (had XP Pro) and just tried to use my purchased Menu Maker 1.1 and it pops up "Incorrect serial number present on this computer....this program will now terminate!"...have owned both versions of MM and also have the cd for 1.1....even uninstalled and reinstalled....still same message!

    I do websites and have used Menu Maker on all of the 22 sites I've done....so, I'm dead in the water if I cannot find a solution for this problem.
    Any help will be sincerely appreciated!

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    Default Re: Xara Menu Maker 1.1 - big problem!!

    Hi Janice,

    I just now installed Menu Maker 1.1 on my Windows 7 Pro machine to verify it will work.

    1. Do not allow the autorun feature to run. Select to explore the CD and find the RunCD.exe file and right click it and select Run as Administrator.
    2. After the installation completes right click the desktop icon and select Run as Administrator. This allow the program to correctly update the registry when you enter the serial number.
    3. All subsequent times you use the program simply start it by double clicking it's icon.
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    Default Re: Xara Menu Maker 1.1 - big problem!!

    Thank you, Bill, for your reply. I did go through all the steps you advised, however, even after uninstalling MM, rebooting computer, reinstalling as your instructions, still get the same 'wrong serial number' message. I did not use the auto-install as you instructed...seems I've got more of a Win 7 Pro 64-bit problem than a MM problem!

    I know most people on the forums I've visited applaud Win 7....but I'm 65 years old, disabled, been computering since 1969 (keypunch back then) and know most everything about XP Pro....all my web design software was basically created for XP....(checked compatibility with 7 before I purchased machine....all said "Compatible"....NOT so in some cases!!)....this will probably be the last computer I ever buy......and I want my XP back!! I'm told it would be a mistake to clean this new machine off and install XP Pro on it.....so not sure what I will do at this point.

    Thank you for your time. Glad it worked on your Win 7 machine. Been struggling with Win 7 for the last 6 months....about to give up on it. Just seems to be too much trouble especially when it takes 3 days on Win 7 to accomplish what I was always able to on XP Pro in less than 8 hours!! That's a pretty sad 'review' but it's what's happening at my house these days.
    Again, I appreciate your time. Have a good one!

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    Default Re: Xara Menu Maker 1.1 - big problem!!

    Try running it in 32 bit on W7.




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