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    WD6 Back To Originating Page On Associated Web Site

    Hi All,
    just wondering if anyone has done anything like this and can advise on the best approach.

    I am planning to provide a link from an HTML based website (developed in WD6) to a Wordpress based blog. I want, if possible, to make the blog appear to be as integrated with the website as possible - so will open the blog in the same window/tab.

    The website has multiple pages, which are accessible via a menu bar. I'm thinking of providing a link within the menu bar to the blog. Hence, the exit point from the website could be any page. Currently, I have a dedicated link on the blog to go back to the website but I think that will allow me only to go back to a single target page (e.g. the home page).

    What I would like to do is return the user to the page on the website where they initiated the blog.

    I have briefly investigated, the following commands but it looks like these act like the 'back button' and hence rely on the browser history;


    Once the user is in the blog they will be able to navigate through the pages on the blog and thus 'History' will reflect navigation through the blog. Thus, I can't rely on using history because I don't know how many pages will have been navigated in the blog before the user tries to return to the website.

    Is there a any way to force the browser to pick up the last page from the originating website or some other method to do this?

    Any suggestions will be gratefully received.

    Thanks & Best Regards


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    Default Re: Back To Originating Page On Associated Web Site

    Hey TD

    Yes, using an iframe. Check out this Workbook tutorial that was developed by Steve Ledger http://www.xaraxone.com/webxealot/wo...workbook_3.htm Modify as needed.
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    Default Re: Back To Originating Page On Associated Web Site

    Hi gwpriester,
    I had wondered about embedding the whole shooting match as an option. I guess this is "how to". Many thanks for pointing me in this direction. I'll check it out and maybe post the results.

    Greatly appreciate your assistance!

    Best Regards


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    Default Re: Back To Originating Page On Associated Web Site

    This works quite well with an Iframe, I've used it a lot. One one site I have used Iframes for: a page that are links to photo albums (the albums were already made by someone else with hundreds of photos so it was easier to use an Iframe to display those albums than rebuild each one), a mapquest page, page that is a pdf of a membership form, page that is a pdf of a newsletter, page that is an embedded google calendar. There's probably more, but the idea is that the viewer never leaves the actual original site. All the site navigation is still there so they can still go to all the regular pages when needed.




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