Ok so i have been using X5 for ever and i love it, so i recently purchased xara web designer and well.....its pretty much sucks but its okay!. i can make it work..

so now it has f**ed me lol...when building my company web page i uploaded a image called 4july add.png. Yes no _ just space in between July and add lol so guess what web designer wont let me upload my website because of it. i get

"The name you specified is not allowed'

ok so i go back find the image delete it from my website and guess what...same freaking problem..

none of my webpage have the image or even a link to it but xara wants to upload it online..my ftp upload stops at about 54% when it reaches the image....

is there a way to fix this problem???

I also started from scratch again and had to put everything together again without the 4july image and guess what!

yup webdesigner still wants to upload that dam image!!!!!!!

plz help!.. if i cant fix this i don't think i will ever buy anything other than X from xara.