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    Default webstyle 4 frontpage addin problem

    Hi Frontpage has lost the add in for webstyle 4. I have several websites with menus made with webstyle 4. Now I can't update them as frontpage has lost the add in . I have tried uninstall and re install to solve the problem and that didn't work. I have also tried to install webstyle 4 on my other conputer and it just hangs up on the "confirguring the new software intallation" it has been hung up on this for almost an hour. I used to be able to download it from xara website but it isn't there anymore. Could you please help me. I have purchased Web Designer 6 and am working with it but need to get my menus from webstyle 4. Not sure why this wasnt included in web designer but am getting really frustrated here. I have several menus to update and need to find out what the problem is.
    Coule you drop me an email when there is an answer" I really appreciate it.
    Sandra Woods

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    Default Re: webstyle 4 frontpage addin problem

    Hello Sandra,

    You can download the Frontpage add-in for Webstyle at:

    Webstyle 4 was retired last year.

    Of course Microsoft retired Frontpage after the 2003 release. Expression Web is their current product.

    The following Xara Support article explains how to insert a Webstyle 4 or Menu Maker 1.1 menu into a Web Designer project:
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