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Poll: Full screen or in a window?

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    Default Full screen or in a window?

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    Default Re: Full screen or in a window?

    I have dual monitors.
    Full screen or not, I can still see my desktop

    But if very much depends on the application in use, graphic apps like Xtreme and Lightroom will be at full screen, web browsers, notepad or Excel are not.

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    Default Re: Full screen or in a window?

    It depends on the application as Steve says. Xtreme and other graphics applications are mostly full screen unless sampling colours from other applications.

    Text editors, wordprocessors, spreadsheets, etc. are mostly opening in an individual window.
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    Default Re: Full screen or in a window?

    When not using dual monitors only graphics applications are full screen, otherwise my desktop is filled with windows

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    Default Re: Full screen or in a window?

    I have to agree with Bill and Steve, Xtreme for example I keep full screen some apps like browsers, I may have in a small window.

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    Default Re: Full screen or in a window?

    "Me too."
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    Default Re: Full screen or in a window?

    I run applications in a window but stretched to fill the screen, which is how they open by default for me. That way I can move them on the occasions when I need to see something underneath without loosing any real screen size advantages of having it full screen. The extra calories burned off in dragging the application a few inches to the left or right helps keep me fit and toned whilst taking part in an other wise sedentary activity.




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