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    Default Re: Positioning objects on webpages

    Quote Originally Posted by rikkoshea View Post
    By removing all those superfluous characters etc that were outside of the text area and then using any method to resize the text area, such as paste-in-place, or by amending the pixel numbers in the toolbar), all is ok.
    How are you creating a text area? The correct way is to first draw a rectagle with the text tool.
    In this way, you can't have characters outside the text area. The text area is a rectangular bounding area which constrains and wraps the text entered.
    If you are simply typing directly on the page with a hard return at the end of each line, this is NOT a text area.

    using any method to resize the text area, such as paste-in-place
    Paste-in-place is not a resizing method, it's a method to copied clipboard objects to the same page co-ordinates.

    If you want to resize a text area, you first select it with the text tool, then adjust the red-dotted bounding box via the corner control handles. Never use the shape editor for this (as you would with a shape) unless you are creating a page for output as a bitmap.

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    Default Re: Positioning objects on webpages

    Regarding things not seeming to allow exact pixel sizes in the size boxes:
    Make sure that you don't have the Lock "on". Just to the right of the % size is a lock icon - this is to lock aspect ratio. If locked, when you change one dimension, it will automatically change the other accordingly to keep the aspect ratio. Just unlock to sepecify both measurements (but don't for get you unlocked, as this is a global setting).

    Does that help?

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    Default Re: Positioning objects on webpages

    If you unlock the aspect ratio and change text area size your text will export as an image in your web page and not as text.

    WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) is working all the time in Xtreme and Web Designer web page creation. If you change the aspect ratio for a font it can only be created as an image and not as text. This is due to how web browsers can or in this case cannot change fonts by altering aspect ratios.
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