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    Hello again every body.

    I want to talk about code. I wish I was a big bad code warrior.Let's make that clear. Everybody wants to be. Code warriors
    have the best chance in the business. Anybody who says it's not important is just crying sour grapes.
    A buddy who has four good businesses going at the same time and all of them more or less online. One is a stock advisory
    service, beachtraders.com. One is an ESL service which is big over here, bbserv.com. But the biggie is his employment service,
    gaijinpot.com. Now one day a dude waltzes in and says he is a big bad code warrior. My buddy and I go way back with
    computers; he can even name drop about the Commodore 64 and the Amiga with a toaster card. But he couldn't put it all
    together. What with the client lists, and data base info, the cgi scripting, the security nonsense , javascripting, passwords, new
    acronyms all the time, you know, all that stuff. I had bought some good books like Matt's big red book on CGI,Perl, and some
    others. I can change a FormMail or a javascript and eventually get the thing to work. But this guy showed that he could make
    all the magic happen. He knows all the code. He can lay out the page. He can do the graphics, even in Japanese. And guess
    what jelly bean? He uses CSS to keep everything nice and tight, kosher if you will. My buddy was no dummy, he has a degree
    in engineering, so he cut the dude in for half. It was either that or keep fumbling around trying to figure it out himself. Now they
    have a very lucrative business over here and their client list is growing fast. Many thousands was the last I heard. That's five
    thousand yen every time the jobber and the jobee connect, whether they take the job or not. Hundreds of companies and
    thousands of different jobs every day. Code warrior? Nah, it's not important. Who needs it


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    I view knowing code the same as a designer knowing the basics of colour theory, the value of white space etc. - if you don't understand the guts how can you achieve the end result

    An interesting case - I designed and maintained a site for a friend (a photographic society) who has since taken over maintenance. When he wanted to update the site, he imported it into GoLive. After much frustration (he was not getting what he saw!), he eventually made his updates by going into the code and cutting out the existing text and replacing it with his own. This from a guy who said he never wanted to look at HTML ever!

    Like it or not, HTML is the building block for web and like it or not, if you don't understand the basics, you'll eventually get yourself into a pickle!

    cfn ... Jen
    Jen Worden
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    cfn ... Jen

    Jen Worden
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