Xara produced video tutorials for Xtreme are available here

We have listed below the complete collection of Xara Xtreme movies.

Getting started
Using selection handles
Selecting objects
Selecting objects in objects
Selecting objects under objects
Changing the display quality
Magnifying and moving documents
Using object snapping
Clipart Gallery (Designs Gallery)

Drawing ellipses and circles
Drawing rectangles and squares
Drawing QuickShapes

Coloring objects
Creating your own colors
Using tints

Moving objects
Aligning and distributing objects
Moving objects backwards and forwards within a layer
Moving objects
Using grids & rulers

Changing objects
Duplicating and cloning objects
Grouping objects
Adding objects
Intersecting objects
Slicing objects
Subtracting objects
Converting objects to editable shapes
Using bevels
Using contours
Using shadows
Using feathering
Using profiles
Editing properties in the Name Gallery
Using ClipView

Bitmap export
Bitmap Export - Palette optimization
Bitmap Export - Size tab
Using bitmap fills
Creating Animated GIFs

Control bars
Moving and copying buttons
Moving and resizing control bars
Creating new control bars

The Internet
Flash animations
Creating hot-spots
Image maps
Image slicing
Web Design
These movies are created in Xara Web Designer,
but apply equally to Xara Xtreme.
Beginner's Guide to Web Designer
Button Bars 1
Button Bars 2 - Advanced
Flow Text Around
Photo Handling
Text Tool 1
Text Tool 2
Resizing Pages
Photo Rollover Effects

Photo Resize
Photo Caption
Photo Watermark
Photo Composition

Blending objects
Blending objects
Blending objects - Advanced

Using Molds
Using envelope molds
Using perspective molds

Using bitmap fills
Using fractal cloud fills
Using linear, circular, elliptical and conical fills
Complex fills (advanced)

Using transparency

Entering text
Editing text
Advanced text
More on the Text Tool

Lines and shapes
Drawing lines with the Shape Editor Tool
Drawing lines with the Freehand & Brush Tool
Drawing lines with the Pen Tool
Editing lines with the Shape Editor Tool
Editing lines with the Freehand & Brush Tool
Editing lines with the Pen Tool
Editing line widths, ends and joins
Smoothing lines and shapes
Joining and breaking shapes
Converting lines to editable shapes
Creating a new Brush
Pressure sensitivity the Freehand & Brush Tool
Editing a Brush
Line strokes
Using ClipView