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    Default XXP 5 - Layer names, idea


    I have just motivated the company which I work in to upgrade to XXP5 and have found some things which might be a good idea. I find the extended layer facilities very cool! But I would love to be able see the object names of each element in the layer too...

    In Photoshop when you have textlayers the first x-chars of the text within the layer is automatically put into the name of the layer. That would perhaps also be a good idea...

    But if the names applied with the object name function could be visibel in the extended layer viewer, that would also be nice... What do you think?

    Oh, and speaking of Photoshop text layers - I think that there is a bug in XXP5 when importing photoshop layers. If they contain UTF-8 chars (like danish chars - æøå) things show up in a messy way...

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    Default Re: XXP 5 - Layer names, idea

    I'm familiar with x-char layer naming from SwiSHmax, so I know what you're referring to.

    Photoshop layers and Xtreme layers aren't exactly synonymous. In Xtreme, a layer can contain multiple text and graphic objects, so having it take its name from the text may not be as useful as it seems.

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    Default Re: XXP 5 - Layer names, idea

    I think what is meant is that text objects are automatically named with the first x chars of the actual text and that all other objects can be named from the layer/object gallery.

    This would indeed be useful, however, it might be tempting to name every object, even those for which a name isn't necessary - when I mean necessary I'm hinting that one needs to consider what names are currently used for - e.g. slicing, buttons etc.

    Changing the naming policy might break file compatibility with previous versions of xar files - just guessing here. I've always been thankful the Xara's file format has been consistent from version dot.

    However, all things considered - I wouldn't take PS's layering system as a good example of anything, but a combined name/object gallery would please me.




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