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    Default Auto create boundling box for selected objects


    One feature which I often miss when using XXP for creating graphics for the net is a tool like: "Create boundling box for selected objects".

    The actual case is when I am creating an arrow to be used in an unordered (UL) list on a website. The image need some 3 pixel space above. So the not exsiting tool would allow me to select the objects which make up the arrow, create a boundling box, increase the hight of the boundling box, group the arrow and boundling box and finally export it as a GIF file.

    Any good practices out there for such work? I just remembered that a friend of mine who were creating stickers also needed such a tool when sending the drawing to the plotter (which in this case cuts in to folio for stickers :-)).

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    Default Re: Auto create boundling box for selected objects

    Hi Netsi,

    If I were you I would just create you own bounding box for your gif by creating a rectangle behind your drawing, change the color to the background color that you want and resizing it to the desired size and including it in your export. If you want a transparent background you should be able to make your "bounding box" transparent by applying a flat transparency set at 99.5%. I don't have Xara on this machine so I can't test this out right now, but it should work.

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