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    Default XWD exports only the index page of my 6 page website

    I created a simple 6 page website and when I publish and/or export the site it exports a folder "index_htm_files", a seperate index.htm and a htm file with no name. Only the homepage is being exported published. I thought it was an issue where I did not create pages correctly being new but doc info says 6 pages. The other pages link to a error 403:forbidden. After changing the properties of the index.htm file to allow read/write/execute, I get the same. I don't believe the additional pages are even exporting though. Anyone have any ideas?

    During preview, the home page loads and all the other 5 top menu links go to page 6 only. Don't know if this is related or not.

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    Default Re: XWD exports only the index page of my 6 page website

    Welcome to talkgraphics.

    If you'll attach your 6-page website (.web file) to your next post, it will no doubt speed the debugging along.



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