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    Default Re: Leaving XWD Because of Immense Frustration

    I'm glad to see you back, Suzzie. Doing the tutorial was both a challenge (making sure that the sequence was logical, and that no steps were left out) and a lot of fun.

    I just downloaded and installed a screen recorder (FastStone Capture) and plan on creating a number of navigational tutorials. I'll certainly do a video version of the tutorial that I offered earlier in this thread. It should make it clear that the process is not quite as intimidating as the step-by-step instructions might make it seem. You can have great looking buttons AND quality function.

    I don't have a microphone yet ... will shop for that (perhaps today).

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    Default Re: Leaving XWD Because of Immense Frustration

    Hi Curtis,

    Boy would I really enjoy you doing some simple videos!!!

    You have a gift and nack for teaching... and creating quick videos would help to easily disiminate the immense knowledge and expertise you have developed in WD. Im all with you...go get that microphone...il help you pay for it!!

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    Default Re: Leaving XWD Because of Immense Frustration

    Question for Slavelle....

    I have easily and quickly implemented your video idea for cascading menu bars...but I have a question I can not solve yet after working at 5 different ways to try to solve it.

    When I create the high level nav bar I actually have 2 lines of text in the menu box (like Professional Brush Sets and Electronic Makeup). To make the text so it highlights when the user mouses over it... I select both lines of text and then in the links area...make a link to the page it goes to. Great. No Problem. But when I preview the effect each line of text highlights individually and not grouped together as one single linked phrase. So I thought to group the words with the back box...then it doesnt work at all?

    Do you have any suggestions for how to get the whole 2 line phrase to be recognized as the link...and not each individual word separately?


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    Default Re: Leaving XWD Because of Immense Frustration

    I'm afraid each text line will visually behave independently, Suzzie. As you note, grouping them destroys any rollover effect (but the button still works, actually). To fix that, you must add popup layers (each with their own rollover layers).

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    Default Re: Leaving XWD Because of Immense Frustration

    For anyone interested, here is a PDF file that contains parts 1 through 3 of my tutorial that was posted earlier in this thread. Feel free to grab a copy.
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    Default Re: Leaving XWD Because of Immense Frustration

    Hi Curtis,

    Youre Brilliant...but OH NO!!! You bring hard news...Its back to the pits for me!!!

    I liked this method because It had a hope of it being easy to implement...and it was...and each line worked perfectly...but NOT together! I guess that it is its drawback unless someone can come up with a neat workaround.

    Its the following kind of menu detail that gets to me (especially when some information is experimental, conflicting, missing, or inaccurate)...Here are some of the concepts and steps you seem to have to go through to get one of these menus to be successful....pop up, roll over, and soft group, and clone, and move, and layer, and rename, and align, and group, and make invisible, and link, and check this special box, and re-group, and maybe a soft group in there somewhere, and then popup, and test, and some layers have exact special names, and some text doesnt appear in both states, and words jump out of alignment, and menus dont replicate on all pages, and sometimes they dont work as expected on some pages...and you spend hours trying to figure out why. After 80 hours of scouring the forum and then the trial and error in troubleshooting when menu 3 doesnt work...and menu 5 has a bad rollover, it starts to get to you!!

    Im going to try to post a web file of my menu system...its not the old hodge podge that I could never make work...but its a new menu bar I did in just 30 minutes...just trying it out.

    All the words individually highlight...except the training DVD button which is a failure at highlighting because its grouped or something like that. Also...on the brushes and skin buttons...I tried to begin to set up the second layer of cascade menus...It doesnt work unless you click the button box...the words dont trigger it...just the box.

    Maybe we should start up another thread...we could call it daylights dawning...its been a VERY long night! And right now...I still dont see the sun yet...I had a short glimmer there it seems...but it seems to have faded again.


    Thanks for all your helps...sorry to be such a hard case to crack. I used to be pretty good at using software...untill this Xara Cascading menu thing hit me.
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    Default Re: Leaving XWD Because of Immense Frustration

    Rather than using two independant lines for the button text try using Text in a column. Look in the Web Designer help for "text in a column" see attached image.

    Download load the attached .web file and open it. When you preview the simple web page mouse over the "button". The mouse over changes both lines of the button text.
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    Default Re: Leaving XWD Because of Immense Frustration

    Hi Bill.

    While your button does have text on two rows, the rows won't function together unless 1) there are both MouseOff and MouseOver elements, and 2) the text on both those layers is gouped. Requiring two layers makes the button constuction more complex than the video example that slavelle offered (and I think more complex than what Suzzie was hoping for). Also, the standard link colors (Web Properties > Website > Website link colors) can't be automatically applied.

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    Default Re: Leaving XWD Because of Immense Frustration

    As with any application or so many things in real-life, there is a gap between the basic/simple and the fancy/complex. If you want the more advanced results, you have to invest a little more time and effot - just the way it goes with life. As simple as any application can make things, there are still complexities that go on beind the scenes.

    So, when I approach the next video, as I previously mentioned, it will focus on fancying up the buttons a bit, but without going into the softgrouping and such. This is where it can get murky and you really need to "understand" what's going on underneath it all to effectively get it and use the examples for your own purposes.

    You can make the "next level" of menu bar almost as ewasily and with more flixibility. It takes a little bit of planning and some patience, but it's really not hard.

    I'll post as I come up wth new stuff. I'm sure that between Curtis, myself, and any others who care to jump into the fray, many useful tutorials will come out and each will strike the nerve of a particular audience, whether by wording, example, or just being watched at the right time of day.

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    Default Re: Leaving XWD Because of Immense Frustration

    I created this simple demo of a single button that uses rollovers and has a drop-down menu. Since I didn't have a microphone, I tried to point to significant elements (like the status bar) to indicate what was important.

    If anyone can offer hints on how to make this .wmv file (and others that I will do in the future) more efficient, it would be appreciated. Thanks.
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