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    Default want cmyk support

    dear developers, if you adopted the full support for CMYK in "pro" version - Xara Xtreme would be beyond price! our company would buy 14 copies of it minimum. we are waiting for it so much!
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    Default Re: want cmyk support

    This has been requested many times over the past 10 years.
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    Default Re: want cmyk support

    Quote Originally Posted by Soquili View Post
    This has been requested many times over the past 10 years.
    Wouldn't it be the time for Xara ltd to start doing something about it then?
    I've asked for it too (during the last 10 years)!
    And while we are at it... please make a Xara Xtreme Mac version too!
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    Default Re: want cmyk support

    I totally agree, it is time for XARA to listen to the "Pro" users they still have, CMYK must be a feature soon, very soon.

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    Default Re: want cmyk support

    +1 )))
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    Default Re: want cmyk support

    What's the holdup, anyway? Creating t-shirt designs is part of what I do and I can only produce spot-color jobs with XE... I could get pretty fancy if I could output to CMYK.

    XE might be the very last program not offering CMYK support.

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    Default Re: want cmyk support

    What's XE ?

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    Default Re: want cmyk support

    Since I started using Xara and it was so long ago I can't even rember what it was called there has be shouts for CMYK. There has been improvements with CMYK being able to be used in the colour editor and better export with PDF. However it is still a bit of a guessing game when outputting from your screen I have a standard colour palette which I use when printing with an actual print out of this palette for reference.

    The problem wirh this CMYK ever happening that the whole colour engine in Xara is RGB and I think it would require a full rewrite of the programme to change this but one can only hope that it cam happen!
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    Default Re: want cmyk support

    I WANT it too. If it's OK and there is a Color management like Corel or Adobe and we can trust on colors we see I will buy 4 licenses.
    Actually I have talk with my friends and colleague graphic designers and they are exited of the program but again the CMYK PROBLEM make them not shure to use it in professional way.
    So Sorry for that because Xara is much more than I expected and I really want to start working with it but... not now.
    So we wait for full CMYK support and that will be the BEST and Cheapest product ever.
    Till then we will use the trials to see what new is there but we wont buy any copy of the product!

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    Default Re: want cmyk support




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