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    Default Tutorial request: Building from scratch


    I have not found a tutorial showing how to build a site from scratch. That is not based on the standard templates. I would love to see such a tutorial here on this site, or perhaps posted to You Tube as a tutorial video.

    As much as I love the standard templates I cannot figure out a couple of things if I should build my own templates... Things like strech buttons, bubbles I simply cannot figur out how to create.

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    Default Re: Tutorial request: Building from scratch

    Hi Sten,

    If you want stretch buttons you can open one from a Template then edit it just like you would any shape you create in Xtreme. That is the easiest and quickest way to make your own stretch buttons.

    To create a stretch button from scratch you must do it in Xtreme 4.

    I posted a mini-tutorial for creating stretch buttons for you on April 6th in post:

    Drawing in Web Designer is the same as in Xtreme so drawing speech bubbles is very easy. Make your shape using the Ellipse or Rectangle Tools then edit with the Shape Editor Tool to make it look as you wish. Add your text by placing a Text Area within the shape and type your text.

    The Bubble should be placed on a Popup Layer you create. To make the Bubble appear you need to assign a link to a shape on your MouseOff layer to open your PopUp Layer. See attached image.
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    Default Re: Tutorial request: Building from scratch

    This section of my Website Creation tutorial for Xara Xtreme 4 contains exactly that. Version 5 will obviously have everything WD has in it (just common sense) and so I may do an updated tutorial for the new version whenever it's released that's tailored to the new WD features.




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