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    Default Re: what script should i copy?

    Quote Originally Posted by EARTHPRINTS View Post
    what is "html editor?" maybe this is where i need the help? i thought xara pro created the html?
    Yes it does, but you can edit the HTML in notepad if you wish.

    I'm having a lot of trouble following what you are asking, I apologize for this.
    But I can't really be certain if you are using Web Designer or Xara Xtreme because you are mentioning both (XWD for flash, Xtreme for HTML??) So you've compleley lost me

    However, the (simplfied) steps in Web Designer are:

    Create a flash animation and save the .swf to a folder on your HDD.
    Create a new web page in XWD and insert the flash into a placeholder.
    Export your page to your HDD.
    Publish your page to the web.

    There are other steps, but these are all covered in the help file and in numerous other threads here in the Web Designer forum.

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    Default Re: what script should i copy?

    Frank, I agree with Steve that it's difficult to see how and in what program you're creating the swf file.

    Perhaps it would help if you uploaded your swf file to this thread and we could help you from there?

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