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    Default Xara WD Resource Links

    Thanks to TG Member 'Boy' for the original concept and list of resources.
    __________________________________________________ _

    Xara Web Designer Update to 16-Mar: LINK

    Xara Web Designer Resources
    • Xara Web Designer product pages: LINK
    • Xara Web Designer video demos: LINK
    • Xara Web Designer Summary Manual: LINK
    • Xara Web Designer FAQ: LINK
    Xara Web Designer Tweaks: DOWNLOAD
    Covoxer (John), one of the developers of Web Designer, has written a set of tweaks that will add important functionality to the program.
    • Xara Web Designer Community Guide: LINK
    NickyDude, one of the forum members, is compiling a Web Designer community guide from the tips offered by members, moderators and developers.
    • Xara Web Designer Preview Workbook75: LINK
    Moderator Gary Priester prepared a Xara Xone Workbook where he describes the main features of Web Designer.
    • Other Workbooks and tutorials which may be of additional interest to Web Designer users: LINK
    The site also offers links to other relevant resources.

    User Submitted Tips
    • Adding PayPal Buttons: LINK 405k PDF file download
    Created by TG user akkubeng

    Video Tutorials
    • Videos by Xhris: LINK
    Xhris is one of the forum members and has made many tutorials for Xara Xtreme. He has also started to make some video tutorials for Web Designer.
    • Xtreme tutorials from Xhris: LINK
    These may also be of interest to users of Web Designer, especially those that deal with Xtreme's web building features*.

    • Videos by Egg Bramhill: LINK
    Egg is one of the moderators, has made many Xara Xtreme video tutorials, some of which may be very useful to users of Web Designer.

    • Videos by Curtis Sorenson: Cursor's Dropdown menu Part 1
    Cursor's Dropdown menu Part 2
    Cursor's Dropdown menu Part 2 of 2
    Cursor's Dropdown menu Part 3
    Cursor's Dropdown menu Part 4
    Cursor's Dropdown menu Part 5

    XaReg : DOWNLOAD
    Moderators Soquili (Bill Taylor) and sledger (Steve Ledger) created a utility to manage certain Web Designer registry settings. The utility also enables many Xara Xtreme settings to be safely managed.
    • XaReg help: LINK

    Webmaster Add-ons
    • Xara Online: LINK
    Offers a unique set of tools for webmasters

    Website Creation in Xara Xtreme 4*: LINK
    The advantage of using Xtreme to create websites is that you get almost complete freedom to position items anywhere, to include as many graphics as you like, even semi-transparent graphics, wherever you like on the page, text wherever you like, even rotated text, or text repelled around objects. These are difficult or impossible with normal web authoring tools. Xtreme does all the necessary work to create the HTML and Javascript to create a website that looks as close as possible to your page layout.

    Xara Tips & Tricks Forum: LINK
    An archive of Xara X tips and tricks for you to use
    __________________________________________________ _
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    WD6 Re: Xara WD Resource Links

    Web Designer 6 related resources can be found here:

    April 2nd WD6 update
    WD6 Tweakset from Covoxer
    HighSlide popup/slideshow variables as .xar file tweaks from member Boy.
    HighSlide language tweaks from member Boy.
    Autoplay popup slidehow tweak
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    Default Re: Xara WD Resource Links

    HTML character codes useful for use with mailto: strings for example.


    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	mailto-example1.jpg 
Views:	448 
Size:	6.2 KB 
ID:	72839

    For semi-colon rather than comma seperators use %3b and a space %20

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	mailto-example2.jpg 
Views:	442 
Size:	5.5 KB 
ID:	72841

    A more complex line which would include CC and BCC, plus include a subject line and body message would be:
    HTML Code:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	mailto-example3.jpg 
Views:	467 
Size:	36.8 KB 
ID:	72840

    %20 = Space
    %0D = hex for a Carriage return
    %3B = Semi-colon




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