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    Default Iframe not showing in IE and preview at times?

    This is probably something I am overlooking, but is there a problem with iframes showing up in IE with XWD? The attached file won't show up in preview yet others have, won't show in IE but shows fine in Firefox
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    Default Re: Iframe not showing in IE and preview at times?

    I wanted to add that if I upload the iframe file that is mentioned in the previous message to a website I maintain, then everything works fine. But it will not work in IE with local file publish.

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    Default Re: Iframe not showing in IE and preview at times?

    Yep, I fell into this mind set too.
    This is the correct behavior for local files in IE and the preview window (which uses the IE rendering engine).

    I'll copy and paste the answer I received from John (Covoxer) about this.

    To allow IE to execute all scripts on our exported pages which are located locally (on the HDD), we are adding a "Mark of the Web". You can see it in the exported html, it looks like:
    <!-- saved from url=(0020)http://www.xara.com/ -->
    This particular string is ignored by all browsers except for IE. For IE it tells that this page belongs to the Internet security Zone, so IE is free to run all the scripts and limit it access to the local files. Without it, the page on your HDD is treated as being in the Local Machine Zone which gives it more access to the local files, but to protect them, IE asks user for running any scripts.
    IE shall not let you load iFrames from more privileged zone into it. But if you enter any online URL into your iFrame, for example http://www.xara.com it will open successfully because this site is also in the Internet Zone. If you publish your files, it will work well, since they will be in the same Security Zone.

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    Info Re: Iframe not showing in IE and preview at times?

    Thanks! Now, how do I go about replacing the hair I pulled out?



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