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    Default Templates for a Few Org Chart Shapes

    Here is a small contribution to the cause.

    I added the folder which is included in the attached zip file to my Designs Gallery (in XWDesigner's Clipart folder).

    There are 3 colored patterns (Duo colored, Gradient Colored, and Mono colored) for 3 sets of shapes (Square, Rounded Corner, and Rounded Bevel Corner).

    The text will stretch (extend) the their boxes horizontally and vertically down. Text is center justified. The text and their respective box are "joined at the hip" via XWD's awsome SoftGroups.

    Copies of a box retain their ability to stretch with the text.... thank you Covoxer for helping me problem solve this.

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    I think the top box in each set (the Duo colored) is really kind of neat. If text in the top half wraps down below the color-split it is so easy to fix. Choose the Fill Tool, click on the box, the fill arrow will appear, click on its center, and drag down ... that is all there is to it. .....Likewise, you can do the same if the bottom row of text wraps extensively lower than its original position.

    The Duo Fill was created in XaraPro4 using a custom color profile (see image inset below) since XWD can not create or edit color profiles; however, XWD does recognize the color profile and you can move it and adjust the end-nodes of the fill arrow. This is a workaround since there is not an easy way of having two separate colored, adjacent rectangles with one bevel and text flow all in one object (even in Xara using ClipViews).

    If you drag a color swatch onto a blank document first, then drag one of the org shapes, then the org shape colors will automatically match the swatch if you click on the Match Button of the Color Match prompt. Each color swatches only has one theme color (Theme Color 1). You can rename other colors in a swatch as "Theme Color #" if you want by editing one of the swatch.web files residing in the Org Chart Blocks folder.

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    Default Re: Templates for a Few Org Chart Shapes

    Now John that is what I call being helpful. I have downloaded and bought the programme but have had no time to do the investigation yet but what you have done here seems to me a great idea. It is the same that all experienced users in XPro do when they open up their drawing page have their own colour palettes and they import it through their templates. Thanks John.
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