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    Default One cut off feature too many

    Congratulations, XWD seems like a very good program. I will be testing it heavily for the next three weeks in a customer project.

    A lot of settings and features have been cut off that were in Xtreme Pro, mostly for good, but some for bad too.

    My biggest grief now is that the option "Bitmap: Never smooth" is gone.
    That makes color picking really difficult when zoomed in at close range. IMO in a web application that is one of the fundamental features. I hope to see that option to make a return soon!

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    Default Re: One cut off feature too many

    Doesn't setting the view quality control to the middle, non antaliased, setting give you the same thing?

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    Default Re: One cut off feature too many

    Apparently it does!

    But I did not know this, so thanks for the teaching! All the middle values in the view quality slider have been in very little use at my end. 1 and 5 I use all the time.

    No worries, case is solved for me. Thank you.




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