Even better: sell a Mac version, it will be a very profitable venture. Browse through the Mac forums and you'll see how many Mac users are waiting for a Mac version. Linux and Mac versions aren't too far apart (Linux and BSD are very similar).

After my laptop had been stolen last year I switched to a Mac, installed Crossover but couldn't install Xara Xtreme 3.1: the installation was terminated because it couldn't find the Microsoft Internet Explorer...

I don't know why the IE needs to be installed, but this was a point where I said 'ok, enough is enough'. Uninstalled Crossover and tried to learn the darn Illustrator which I really hate (and it's not just me, there are millions of Mac users out there who hate Illustrator).

Anyway, if Xara or Magix want to make money, they should churn out a Mac version. It would generate enough funds to finance a free Linux version